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I am an artist, stylist and creative thinker by inclination and a teacher by profession. I style people, places and events. I train people how to use the social media effectively and  use my interest in style and design to showcase this.

Contact me if you would like a style revamp, a wardrobe consultation or a stylist’s eye to help you with an event. See my services list for an affordable package.

Anna De Marigny - Stylist, Artist, Galway

I live in Galway in the beautiful west of Ireland with my partner John and a large Norwegian Forest cat called Jasper. I am an Irish South African. I am lucky to be able to call two countries home and I aim to live between the two continents. I was born in Ireland to two Irish parents who by then had already settled in Southern Africa.

My father’s sole aim in sending my mother “home” to have me was so that she would return with a son who would qualify to play rugby for Ireland. Sadly, he was never to realize his ambition, but he enjoyed dining out on the story.He even had a last ditch attempt with yet another “home” journey for the birth of sister number two. By then, I was at school and have a mosaic of childhood memories of school in Ireland, granny’s shop in Galway city, her farm in the country and building up a band of schoolyard fans who believed my shameless lies about life in Africa. I rode to school on the back of an elephant, played daily with my personal pride of lions and trained pet monkeys to do my bidding.
I think it was this taste for an audience that sparked my interest in Drama and the stage.

Luckily we were back in South Africa before I grew old enough for my tall stories to be challenged.We moved to Durban in Kwa-Zulu Natal and it was there I grew up, developed my creativity and formed most of the relationships that matter to me.

I taught English and Drama at secondary school level in Durban South Africa. Durban is on the East Coast of South Africa and is on the shores of the balmy Indian Ocean with a humid sub tropical climate that never experiences winter in its raw form.

It is quite a contrast to Galway where I am now based. The green fields, stone walls and the beautiful light we have here in rural Ireland feeds my soul and inspires my creativity. I love the hedgerows, the changing seasons, the lushness of it all. Nothing makes me more content than capturing the beauty I see all around me, either with my paintbrush or using my camera, my Canon 600D which really is my favorite toy.

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