Frederick’s Gallery Cafe Gort Galway

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Quirky Corner

Decidedly Different Decor

Feeeding the Goldfish

Goldfish Well

Pink Dresser

Fabulously Pink

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  1. Have to say this is indeed a “Hidden Gem” in Gort, Co Galway. A very personal favourite of ours where the food is always wonderfully presented from a varied menu and tastes so yummy!!!
    Wishing Sarah and staff the very best….

  2. Easily one of my favourite places in the West. The decor is just stunning and every single thing I’ve ever eaten there has been absolutely delicious. Every time I’m in Galway for the weekend I make a beeline to the Gallery Cafe to get the calamari salad. As you said Anna – sublime! xoxo

  3. Sounds picturesque! Looks So pretty! Dying to be there with you, having a glass of vino and enjoying great company in a gorgeous space x

  4. The pepperoni-chorizo-chilli pizza is to die for! The dough and crust is super thin all you taste is the gorgeous topping with world-class cheese sourced from local farmers that just melts every mouthful! Italians watch out 😉 The staff is super friendly and genuinely caring treating you as a local the moment you walk through their door. If you go for a seafood dish make sure to have a glass of their well-curated Sauvignion-blanc vinos – they are out of this world!

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