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Grey as a Neutral

TV Room and Sun Room

The previous owner was extremely proud of the black and gold fireplace. I felt that it was too large and too dominant in such a small space. Luckily I had found the original pine facade in the shed, so with the help of the fabulous Brian, the marble was removed, and the old fireplace surround installed.I designed a unit that would surround the fireplace and provide a showcase for my collection of blue and white ceramics as well as hide away the bits and bobs that are eyesores in any TV room. J had one request, a Laze-e-Boy. He had visions of himself, feet up, watching TV, fire roaring, during the cold winter months. We needed a compromise! I am “allergic” to them. They loom large and ugly in a small room. Daughter 2 and I went into crisis mode and found a very comfortable Chaise Longue plus couch arrangement in Ikea.

We mounted the TV on the wall, again a great space saving tip, pulled up the red carpet, fitted a neutral colour carpet, and we transformed the room. I made a gallery of some of our Artworks, most of them my own and daughter 2’s. I painted my old mirrors and grouped them together on the opposite wall, hung two Roman Blinds in an Aqua stripe on the windows, and we were jubilant with the result.

The original was colossal for a small space, but the inner cartridge is rather lovely. I kept that and removed the large marble facade

Fireplace Before

Fireplace Before




The Sun Room

The Sun  Room is everything I want it to be. It is a real sun trap and so bright and airy. My plants are flourishing in the hot-house atmosphere and the wood burning stove in he corner will come into its own in winter.We stripped the red felt floor down to the bare concrete and painted the floor grey. I had seagrass matting from my Durban house that was cut to size and creates a perfect textural contrast with the natural colours of the soft furnishings.It brings a touch of South Africa into our little Irish cottage.

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  1. Wonderful style Anna.
    Definitely my taste.
    So relaxed and heartwarming, yet elegant.
    Thanks for your inspiration

    • Hi Liz, thank you for your lovely comment! It’s so great to know that my project has been inspirational in some small way x

  2. My gosh, some haven you have created for yourselves there Anna! Love your taste and touch of love. Note to self to include a sun room on my wishlist for my next home! Oh and Annie Sloan chalk paint is the business, I’ve tried it recently and vowed to use it again on a bigger project!

    • Thanks so much Julia. I am dying for you to come out and see it. I will have to organise a ladies lunch in summer 🙂 x

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