How to Attempt “KonMari” Painlessly

Who is Marie Condo?


This petite and pretty Japanese lady has taken the world by storm with her organising consultancy and her bestselling book “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up”.

I watched her YouTube videos with interest and decided to embrace her methods in stages!

I completely believe that as we are all wired differently, some of us are just born with a “tidy organised” gene and others find it more challenging. Still others don’t really mind how untidy or disorganised their wardrobes or homes are. They simply seem not to notice.

I love a beautiful home, am creative with decorating, good with colour and style, but wasn’t blessed with a natural “tidy-organised” gene so I tend to have to throw myself into fits and starts of cleaning and tidying.

She believes that one needs to tidy in categories as listed below

Tidy By Category

wardrobe tidying

  • Clothes
  • Books
  • Docs
  • Miscellaneous
  • Mementoes

I wasn’t sure about that. I decided to break my categories into rooms and areas, it somehow makes more sense to throw my own slant on the items.

Does it Spark Joy?

Touch the item. How does it make you feel? If it still thrills you and inspires you, keep it, otherwise discard it ruthlessly. I am not a real hoarder but I do attach unnecessary sentiment to inanimate objects. That would have to stop if I was going to begin 2016 the Marie Condo way.

Where to Start?

The kitchen was easy. Why was I hanging on to old kitchen utensils and many plastic shopping bags? I swiftly went through the baking trays and chipped mugs and threw them in the black bag. Wonderful! I discovered pieces of the Food Processor lurking in the back of a drawer which I had given up for lost. I itemised my platters, crockery and cutlery into easily found areas and breathed a happy sigh.

The documents were less easy. I spent an entire day going through papers and deciding which to keep and which to throw out.

I was delighted when a business associate needed a copy of a certain document and the new”Mari-Condoed” me, whipped out the file while she remained on the line, took a mobile pic of it and emailed it to her.

I gave  myself  ten out of ten, teacher-type habits are hard to break!

The photos were another story. I spent at least three hours looking at my daughters old baby and childhood pics ( even though they are mostly all in albums) so of course that held up the process.

Eventually I got there and the files are all filed and then I felt more than smug.

The Wardrobe de-Clutter


Hmm, Spark joy? I tend to associate clothes with events and times and find it difficult to be ruthless. I tried to stick  to the if it hasn’t been worn in a year rule I don’t want it. Does it inspire me? I am not sure so what I decided to do was haul down the plastic storage boxes which I had bought from Argos to store seasonal clothes and created a ” Can’t Decide” box. I have promised myself that if I haven’t missed it by this time next year, it will go.

I realised there is also a limit to the number of comfy clothes and “to be worn while doing Art clothes” that I need.  I had far too many!

My tweed jacket with little unravelled  bits of tweed will never look elegant again….Begone Jacket…

Tired Tweed Jacket

The Tired Tweed Jacket

The less than flattering cut of jeans that I hung onto in case I ever needed a to wear a pair I didn’t care about if I was doing something messy, went as well. I had four pairs that fell into that category.

How many white shirts that have lost their pristine whiteness does a girl need? Three went! I was “KonMari-ing” myself into a coma and very happily.

Her “How to Fold T-Shirts” video sent me over the edge with excitement. So logical, so organised, and so perfect. Now to resolve never to slip down the slippery slope of giving up on my new Japanese self.

Marie Kondo says “It is how you want to spend the rest of your Life”. Thank you Marie for the inspiration.




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