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Your home is your sanctuary and you need it to be the haven you love spend time in. It’s easy to give a room a facelift  with a few simple touches that don’t need a major outlay of time and money if you find out how! Sometimes it’s difficult to know where to start.

The  living room  here in Rosewood Cottage had a large black marble fireplace that dominated the small room. I found a pine facade in the shed, kept the inner which is attractive in its own right, then designed a shelving unit that would create a feature and provide a storage solution.


Creating a new fireplace

Creating a New Fireplace



The new look has given the room a whole new look. It is bright and fresh and the blue and white ceramics are shown to their best advantage.



If you decide to redecorate  a space in your home, there are various options available to you.

Option 1 Consultation  Book me for a consultation for an hour. That would involve me taking photographs of  the room, chatting to you about the look and feel then sending you a “to do” list. You would source and install the items yourself.
Consultation rate €50 per hour.
Option 2 Redecoration You set the budget you have for painting and redecoration. I would then put together a proposal for you and sub contract  the painter, carpenter or handyman to do the job. I would also source and buy the blinds, curtains and accessories on your behalf. 
My fee would be an additional 20% of the total cost of the items purchased and the fee of tradesmen who provide the service.
Option 3  Vision and Advice You pay my hourly rate to go shopping with you for the items outlined in the vision board. You employ and deal with all tradesmen. The standard hourly rate €50 applies here.




Style starts with wardrobe organization. You only know what gaps you have in your wardrobe if you have decided what to trash and what to keep. Often you haven’t considered possibilities that are right there in from of you. Contact us for a wardrobe sort out and we will help you create the image you want.

looking at clothes

Wardrobe Makeovers

You can benefit from a broad range of services that will make such a difference to your wardrobe, increase your confidence and generally just give your image a boost.
 Wardrobe makeovers €100 for 3 hours
 Personal shopping €35 per hour
 Image makeovers €70 for 2 hours
 Online shopping €70 for 2 hours
 Occasion shopping If you need to  look extra special for a wedding, corporate event or a party we can devise  an individualized package that will work for you.


clothes in cupboard

Wardrobe Makeovers

  • What to trash
  • What to keep
  • How to make the most of what you have.

How often have you opened your wardrobe, bulging with clothes and declared “I have nothing to wear!” We will spend a very satisfying few hours creating new looks for you with the clothes you already have and working out what you need to buy within a budget that you can afford.I will show you how to dress for your shape  and create a look that works for your lifestyle. Using accessories differently to give your look pizzazz  makes all the difference.I will give you an action plan so that you can work towards the wardrobe you have always wanted. The wardrobe revamp takes 3 hours and costs €100.  Book now

Personal Shopping

You may just want to address those gaps in your wardrobe and ensure that your outfits work well for you.If you have an occasion coming up and you need to look extra special, I will help you pick the outfit and accessories that will make you look your best.This shopping date will ensure that you spend your money on an outfit that will be perfect for the occasion and will add value to your existing wardrobe. Personal Shopping costs €30 an hour.                       Book now

Image Makeovers

I have run successful workshops such as “Create a professional image in the workplace” to groups of professional women in Dublin and Cork. I offer workshops that are customized to suit your needs. If you have a group of 5 or more whether it’s a hen party or maybe a mums and toddlers group I will plan an interactive style workshop especially for you. The workshop costs €120 and runs for 2 hours.       Book now

Online Shopping

You may choose to have a Skype consultation if you can’t meet with me. You can upload a photograph of yourself and  I will source three outfits for you to buy online. It saves time and works very effectively.  Book now


Wardrobe Makeover
3 hours
Personal Shopping
per hour


Image Makeover
for 2 hours
Online Shopping
for 2 hours


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