I had a wardrobe consultation with lovely Anna last week and I can’t praise her enough! I was very scared to let someone look through my personal things but she made me completely at ease straight away.

The time flew by as we assessed my colours and coordinates and the best bit of it all was when Anna came up with wonderful “new” outfits from clothes I already had which I never would have thought to put together! it was amazing! Delighted with my prize and Anna is truly gifted in style:)


Hi there, I am Martha Fraser, nutritionist, owner of Embrace Health and busy wife and mother to two small delightful little girls.

Last year I had the pleasure of meeting Anna, my first impression… what a very stylish friendly lady, wow everything she has on matches so subtly without being OTT. I ended up working with Anna on a social media course that I gave, I was nervous that morning as it was my first time teaching a course that I had written myself. Getting dressed that morning I remember thinking, oh I wish I had Anna here to advise me on what to wear! Not being a fashion idiot or a fashion diva I managed to put something together, presentable but no “wow factor”.

A Fashion Stylist’s Eye

Yes, it really does help..a stylist’s take on what looks good on you.After a few conversations with Anna regarding style, I decided I needed her professional opinion so we set the date for a stylist consultation.

Well I didn’t know what to expect, I was very nervous. All of this attention on myself made me realise how self conscious I was, this was lesson 1 that I learned from this experience…and it hadn’t even started yet!

So before she came I did a quick run through of my wardrobe, thinking it didn’t look too bad …oh how wrong I was! I put my most regular used pieces out on the bed and lined my shoes out in a long row. Ok I’m ready….I wonder how this will go…deep breath there’s the door bell. My transformation is about to begin!

So first Anna sat with me in the kitchen over a cup of herbal, she had me fill in these questionnaires – which surprisingly were really informative! I couldn’t believe how much information they gave about me. Then Anna showed me this fashion vision board she created for me, first I couldn’t believe the work she had put in but more to the point how right she got my fashion sense, despite thinking that I didn’t have any, everything on the board except one outfit I loved !! It was like she was in my mind connecting fashion neurons in my brain that had never made connections before. This gave me a great vision of what I could be wearing and lots of ideas for next time going shopping.

Next it was onto the clothes, after going through my wardrobe and clothes. Anna said one thing that had stuck in my head – your wardrobe is depressed! We laughed, but she was right, there was no co-ordination, old dry cleaning hangers. It just didn’t boast wow put on these fabulous clothes! Then my other wardrobe she named “Ode to my old life”….i.e. going out clothes that I wouldn’t dream of wearing now, why were these still here! We had such a laugh while she went through the old, picked up some of the new, matched with colours I would never dream of and created new outfits in seconds that were fabulous!

The New ME

Shortly after our night Anna sent me a very detailed report on style ideas for me. I loved it, the professionalism of it and all the great new looks. So where am I now since our meeting? Well I am now wearing the gorgeous colours she suggested for me, giving I have to admit that extra little bit of confidence. I’m cleared out my wardrobe of the old and unwanted items, reorganised it into a more co-ordinated happy wardrobe! I think twice when putting an outfit together and when going shopping I always have my little fashion angel Anna on my shoulder either nodding or shaking her head J

Anna opened my eyes to new looks and different colour combinations that I would never have thought of on my own. I am so glad she brought me into a new me both in fashion and confidence. I can highly recommend Anna as a stylist; believe me you will not regret treating yourself or a friend, mother, sister, father, brother, husband to this personal treat, which brings amazing personal gain in many areas of your life. I really enjoyed the night; she is a fabulous lady with a great sense of style, grace, friendliness and sense of humour. As L’Oreal says because you’re worth it!


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